Reproductive History Patterns Associated with Short Term and Long Term Mortality Using Population-Based Data


A Danish register based study conducted in the Summer of 2011 has resulted in two recent journal submissions. The first was submitted to Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology and is titled ”Reproductive History Patterns and Long-Term Mortality Rates: A Danish, Population-Based Record Linkage Study.”  The second is titled ”Short and Long Term Mortality Rates Associated with First Pregnancy Outcome: Population Register Based Study for Denmark 1980-2004” and was submitted to the Southern Medical Journal.   The results for both studies were derived from merging data from the following databases: 1) Statistic Denmark, 2) the National Hospital Register (1977-2004), which provided data on miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and other losses, 3) the Fertility Database (FTDB), which supplied data on births and stillbirths, 4) the National Board of Health Abortion Registry (1973-2004), 5) the Cause of Death Register, and 6) the Centralized Civil Register (1980-2004), which provided death dates.