Coleman, P. K., Rue, V., & Spence, M. (2007). Intrapersonal processes and post-abortion relationship difficulties: A review and consolidation of relevant literature. Internet Journal of Mental Health, V.4 (2).

While the study of the psychological effects of abortion has received increased research attention over the past few decades, scholarship devoted to the topic of post-abortion partner relationship quality has been minimal. In this report, existing empirical work on abortion and intimate relationships is analyzed in the context of related research and theory. Evidence indicating possible adverse effects of abortion on the quality of relationships is initially reviewed. Then several logical intrapersonal mediators of associations between abortion experience and relationship outcomes are explored. Finally, adult attachment dynamics are described as a theoretically plausible moderator of associations between abortion experiences and relationship difficulties. Throughout the paper, the most salient gaps in the literature on abortion and relationship quality are highlighted with suggestions for future research provided.