About Us


WECARE brings together credentialed scientists with a research program on the physical, psychological, and/or relational effects of abortion on women and those closest to them to engage in international research collaboration, scientific information dissemination, professional education, and consultation.

For years, the formal study of the health effects of abortion was neglected in the academic literature; however, over the past decade dozens of high quality studies have been published throughout the world. Paralleling this recent expansion of research has been awareness of the need for evidence-based medicine. Ironically, as strategies are developed to revamp health care delivery to close the gap between knowledge and practice, the divide is greater than ever relative to dispensing accurate information on abortion.

Political, ideological, and social forces undoubtedly compete with efforts to conduct, publish, and distribute straightforward appraisals of the rapidly expanding literature on the health consequences of abortion. By adopting a non-religious, non-partisan approach to understanding the implications of abortion, WECARE exists to enhance the quality of information, develop strategies for effectively transmitting research findings, and break down barriers to evidence-based medicine.